24 – unprepared

Sara turned five yesterday and after a very small family birthday celebration at Chuck E Cheese, we went to the mall to walk around.

I gave in and bought something for the kids while we browsed through the kids’ section of H&M. Matty got socks (he wanted them) and Sara got bracelets.

She loves shiny things that she can wear – the shinier the better.

I’m completely unprepared for Sara’s keen attention to detail. I’m blown away that she picks out her own clothes and that she has a reason for the outfit she is wearing. Everyone else in the house (yes, including the adults) would appear as if we dress ourselves in the dark. Sara – she needs the lights on when she gets dressed.

What I’m really unprepared for though is Sara no longer being my little baby girl. She’s not a baby anymore, she’s a little girl. In time, she’ll be a woman…and even though she’ll grow and be beautiful and smart and mature, I’m probably still going to see her as my five-year old, sitting on a bench, playing with her bracelets.

I don’t know. It was hard to capture my thoughts while Sara walked proudly around South Coast Plaza with bracelets noisily moving along her arm. So, I sought some help from the Internet.

One of my favorite songs:

…and another one that succinctly captures my thoughts:

…but before any of that happens, this really says how I’m feeling:

I do find it somewhat amusing that only Country Music singers are protective of their daughters and are secure enough in their manhood to sing about it. Where are the Hip Hop songs or the Heavy Metal rock ballads that have the same message?

In the end though, I’m happy that Sara is healthy and happy and is growing as a person. Just…don’t grow up so fast.


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