23 – hiatus

I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been quite busy and haven’t had an opportunity to just sit down and spend a few hours working on this blog, what with work, life, changes, activities, free previews on DirecTV. I can go on an on, but truth be told, everything I say would just be an excuse.

I just haven’t had the drive or passion to work on this. I don’t have a muse. I’m blaming Christopher Moore’s “Sacre Bleu” – I need my own blue.

Anyway, just like Tosh.O, but instead of a video breakdown, this is my photographic breakdown.

Kids. Eating us out of house and home. They’re growing so fast and I feel like I’m missing out. I get home from work and they have so much to say…

So, I try to compensate by spending what little free time I have with them by riding scooters in the neighborhood or going to the aquarium or museums. Weekends are never dull – but that usually means I can’t plan anything – which is fine. I want my kids to know that I’m trying…

But try as I might, I’m still just a puppet on a string when it comes to work. I was in Calgary for a week recently. Nothing out of the ordinary work-wise, but I’m thinking that impromptu trips like this are going to be the norm now. mmm. Norm’s. I haven’t been to Norm’s in years! While in Calgary, I had something that you probably can’t get at Norm’s:

That’s right. Poutine. If there were Waffle House restaurants in Canada, they’d probably serve Poutine. It’s bar food: fries, gravy, curds, and if you’re daring, something special on top. In my case above, the Calgary special (barbecue beef) – my coworker had a cheesesteak poutine, because you know, there’s a little bit of Philly everywhere you go.

Speaking of going, we’ve finally left Sprint and moved to Virgin Mobile and saved about $20/month, so Shannon and I have finally caught up to 2008 and we have smartphones with unlimited data plans. I had my phone for a week before I couldn’t stand it anymore…rooted it and installed lots of games. The kids love watching me play Cut the Rope. All of the pictures in this post were taken and processed with our phones. Our cameras are gathering dust.

I’m also trying to get the kids interested with computers, even if it cuts into their TV time. Unfortunately, Sara’s computer is on its last legs (no USB ports – yes, it’s that old) and Matty’s computer is a dog – it can hardly run The Incredible Machine through DOSBOX. I *could* probably install DOS natively, but I don’t know where I’d get an IP stack and compatibility with a wireless card using DOS. Speaking of computers and technology, I got officially accepted into the MSIT program at Cal State Fullerton. Ironically, I have to take a semester of *writing* – my GRE score for writing wasn’t that great. Ironic.

…the MSIT will only increase my geekiness though. The steak above? Consumed after a day at CiscoLive in San Diego with coworkers, past and present. It was good to see some coworkers who have left the company and are doing their own thing. I’ve never been one to subscribe to a corporate mentality, so I do what I can to help my peers grow as individuals – I had great mentors when I first started working, so I’m paying it forward.

Speaking of mentors, this is my dad. Today was Father’s Day, so we had lunch out. There was a long line and he couldn’t wait, so he got noodles while we waited for Dim Sum. I’m impatient like that too, but fortunately, I had breakfast and nowadays, I’m finding that all Dim Sum tastes the same. I’m not in it for the food…

I’m in it for dessert. My sister got me some cupcakes from Frosted Cupcakery, where she’s managing the new Hermosa Beach location. yummy. I’ll eat the Father’s Day special tonight.

Anyway, I’m running out of time. The watch above – my automatic watch that I bought a few years ago but I’m finally going to use it because my current watch’s battery is just about dead. It’s going to feel weird wearing a different watch. The watch I’ve been wearing…I’ve been wearing off and on since 1996, when I bought it at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds PX in MD during AIT.

My apologies for the amazingly disjointed and random post. Things have been quite random recently and I’m going with the flow, but at the same time, trying to control it. Unfortunately, I’m not winning.


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