22 – lackadaisical

The picture above has absolutely nothing to do with this post. It’s a picture of me and Matty in front of a thermal imaging camera. If it weren’t in such a public location and if kids weren’t around, I probably could have done some pretty funny things…

But I digress. I had absolutely no inclination to work on a story for this week. As a matter of fact, this post is a day late, but whatevs, it’s a holiday, so today still counts as the weekend.

Anyway, to bring more grimacing among my friends and the Internets in general, since I didn’t have anything prepared for the week, here’s a sappy poem from 12-13 years ago.


It’s hard being nice
to people you know
but want to know better
if you know what I mean
because if you’re too nice
you’ll give it away
not only to her
but to yourself as well
and you’ll turn her off
and she’ll never look at you
the same way again.
something else might occur
where she’s nice to you too
and she’ll want to know you better
at least better than most.
you have to look deeper
at what you now have:
she’s talking to you
but what is she saying?
She’s holding your hand
but lets go much too quickly.
She gives you a kiss
but it just doesn’t feel right.
I’m sorry, my friend,
because that’s what you’ve become,
she wants you beside her
when she bitches and moans
she wants your advice
when it comes to other guys
she wants to call you
and tell you about how her hot date went.
It wasn’t with you.
Don’t keep your hopes up.
Like I said,
it’s hard being nice
to people you know
but want to know better
if you know what I mean.

Now that I look back on the above, I realize how young and naive I was. I should have just accepted the fact that I was in Friend Zone, Level 99:

But, everything works out.

Anyway, next week, a real picture (not a picture of a picture) and a real story, not some rekindling of ghosts from the past.


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