18 – RRR

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. The three R’s my family tries to live by every day.


We have to reduce our consumption. It’s truly a damn shame that after visiting Canada, they refer to any big meal as “American Size”…but from my perspective, it’s not just our meals that are big – it’s everything. Cars. Houses. Attitudes. I hate it when people get something because “bigger is better”. It’s not. I make it a point to get “enough” and not “too much”. Getting just enough reduces my consumption. I’m loving that fact that my civic is just enough car. I’ve only taken it in for an oil change twice (it lets me know when it needs an oil change) and I average around 34MPG on regular. Shannon’s Maxima – well, it leaked oil, needed an oil change every 3000 miles, and averaged 20MPG on premium.

Similarly, we reuse almost everything. We don’t buy bottled water – we use a Brita and refill our water bottles. We tend not to buy new things – there are exceptions (most clothes, food) – but most of the time, we get secondhand or refurbished things. Almost all of our  camera gear is used or refurbished. My bike is used. My civic is a CPO. When we replace things, we either donate them (for others to reuse) or trade. We don’t throw reusable things away.

Instead, we recycle. We collect everything that we can recycle and put it in our neighborhood recycling bin…and we recycle way more than we throw away (almost all packaging is recyclable).

So…what does the picture above have to do with this?

The picture is the Orange County Great Park – or at least, what’s developed – taken from 400ft up. It used to be Marine Corps Air Station, El Toro. The land is being reclaimed and reused. I remember coming to MCAS El Toro when I was in the Reserves and getting an ID Card from there. Now, we come here for festivals, food trucks, farmers’ markets, and to ride the balloon.

The Great Park is also where they film US Top Gear – one of my favorite TV shows. Sure, they’re just reusing the same formula as UK Top Gear, but the three US hosts are getting better and better…and I can’t help it if I have a man-crush on Rut. That guy is awesome.

Anyway, I love how they’ve reused a former military installation and are working with what’s left. They’ve really exploited the features to minimize development. I’m not sure if they’ll need that much airfield…but if it keeps Top Gear on-air, then…well…develop around the three guys hooning around the field.


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