11 – efficiency

I’ve been thinking about becoming more efficient lately. I want to maximize my output with minimum input. My results varied.

Last week, I had a customer in the lab with me and we had pretty long hours – he’d come in at 7 and leave between 5 or 6. I’d get in an hour earlier and leave an hour later. I minimized my sleep – probably maxing out at 5 hours – but this resulted in a required coffee break in the afternoon and when I did  end up sleeping, I would crash. hard. I crashed pretty hard last night. I don’t remember falling asleep on the couch.

Was I efficient while doing this? I don’t know. I  should have slept more. I know I need to sleep, but there’s so much that can be done during those hours when I’m literally just lying there with my eyes closed. Picture above – probably should have been sleeping.

Anyway, the reason for my customer for being here was to help us with new test equipment that simulated hosts and routers – Layer 3 and up simulation. We can now easily create models and run test scripts and if there’s any question with our test configuration, it’s only a matter of providing our customers with our models and they can immediately replicate the test environment. Sounds pretty efficient to me.

Speaking of efficiency, I rode for 27 miles today. Having pedals and shoes really helps. Before I had proper shoes and pedals, I’d only be able to apply power to the downstroke, which focused on using my calves. Now that I can also apply power on the upstroke, I can relax my calves and let my glutes and quads do all of the work – they are larger muscles after all.

I’m at my comfort level with maximizing efficiency when driving my Civic. I’m averaging about 33 MPG by not going above 70 MPH on the freeway, avoiding jackrabbit starts, and coasting to a stop. 33 MPG is not bad, but I’ve gotten it up to 36 MPG by hypermiling. I’m not going to hypermile anymore – it got a bit dangerous and I can only tolerate being flipped off on the freeway if I’m aware that I’m driving like a jackass. Getting flipped off for hypermiling? It’s not worth it.

In any case, all efficiency is getting thrown out the window next week. I have to go to the desert to be with customers during a test event. My schedule and driving patterns are up to them.


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