06 – stress

I’ve been in Calgary for the past week and will be here for another week. Like my last trip to Calgary, I go to work, stop by Subway, come back to the hotel, work some more.

It sucks. I’m stressed out. I’m busy from the moment I get out of my room to the minute I fall asleep. It’s to the point where I don’t even care if my glasses are dirty – there’s just too much to do.

I have to go to my customer’s lab tomorrow – and tomorrow is Sunday.

I did allow myself a bit of time to relax this morning. After I woke up, I ran for a few miles in the gym, then went to the Chinook Centre (Alberta’s ‘largest’ mall) where I treated myself to a Quizno’s sandwich. Yep – Quizno’s is just fancy Subway. Actually, I did treat myself to a bit of a fancy dinner last night too – I found a Montreal beef sub shop and got a Montreal beef sub. That place also apparently has very good poutine…so maybe I’ll get a poutine for dinner?

In any case – a Montreal beef sub is just fancy Subway.

What is it with me and sandwiches?

Anyway, I’m procrastinating. I really should get to my documentation, but it’s just such a nice day outside and so dreadful in here.

I miss my family. I miss my wife. I miss my kids. There are a lot of things that I take for granted and being away for this length of time makes me realize how good I really have it.

I hate being alone. I think that’s what it is. I mean it’s nice to get away for a few minutes or a couple of hours, but for a couple of weeks?

Can’t do it.


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