05 – play

My kids’ daily life revolves around play; school, food, and sleep are just distractions from playing.

We recently started playing Uno, but they ended up making their own rules. Their Uno is so much more complicated and involved – and the game never ends. They also incorporate other games into games they invent, so it’s kind of hard to tell if it’s really just one big game or several small ones.

I’m glad that my kids play together nicely most of the time. As they age, I’m sure their interests will differ and they won’t play together the same way they do now. Actually, this is starting to manifest itself with Matty taking a very strong interest in books whereas Sara can’t read yet…so quite often, Matty will just get bored with one of their games and he’ll just stop what he’s doing and start reading something. Sara, on the other hand, will continue playing.

Sara also likes puzzles, mixed-media art, and getting dirty – none of which are interesting at all for Matty.

In the picture above, it looks like I caught a game of Uno interrupted by Matty’s recent “Calvin and Hobbes” interest. If left to his own devices, I think Matty could sit and read all day.


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