02 – enthusiasts

I hardly use my Olympus dSLR nowadays. The Ricoh GRD3 is with me whenever I can take it and as a result, I haven’t frequented my online Olympus stomping grounds – 4/3 Forum,  DPR Olympus Forum, and the Flickr E-System Group.

It’s not a bad thing – the online Olympus community is great for what it is, but again, it’s great for enthusiasts. I think I’m moving away from the Olympus camp and more towards the Ricoh camp, but unfortunately, the online groups for the Ricoh GRD camera system aren’t as active. Amazingly, the Ricoh folks are actually taking pictures rather than talking about their cameras or griping about Ricoh.

I don’t frequent the Ricoh forums that often either.

I have started frequenting bike forums recently, after acquiring a single-speed road bike for my workouts while my foot heals. The online biking community is kind of crazy. There are lots of hardcore riders and lots of riders who seem to legitimately ride their bikes quite often.

I’m not hardcore yet. I just put the rim tape in my wheels today and rode for about 15 minutes. My ass hurts. I definitely need a new saddle. I also got the wrong size bullhorn bar and I really need it…I’m just thinking that shipping it is going to cost more than just picking up a new stem. I also don’t know if the seller will accept returns…I also don’t think I’m pumping enough air in my tires…doesn’t help that I don’t have a floor pump and I’m making do with my small portable air pump. The tires are rated at 100 PSI…I’m thinking that 80 should be good, but the most I can fill it is 60.

Anyway, I need to get offline more and *do* more of whatever it is I’m looking up online. I need to stop living virtually and just start living…


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