01 – New Year

A new year to look forward to. Hold on tight, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

What fun would life be without its ups and downs? I recently watched “Parenthood” – the movie with Steve Martin – and not surprisingly, I could totally relate to it. I could relate to the anxiety and the drama and the comedy. I could relate to the job pressures, the issues with kids, the arguments…and yes, I could relate to how Steve Martin and Mary Steenburgen argued about their view on life – one wanted a roller coaster and one wanted the merry-go-round.

Steve Martin came around though and realized that life is better when it feels uncontrollable but is allowed to just follow its course. We’re all victims of our fate and though we do have some limited control (I mean, come on, free will), there’s a purpose to our lives that we will eventually carry out one way or another.

Our choices will lead us there.

So, yet again, a whole new year of choices…and resolutions! One of my resolutions that I’m already trying to work on not breaking:

Pay 100% attention to the person(s) with me at that moment.

Basically – be engaged to the person in the same room with me that needs my attention. Don’t be so distracted by someone or something that’s somewhere else. I’m realizing that time is ticking away and I’m just wasting it by not being *in* the moment. My mind was often somewhere else.

Why come up with this resolution? Because mortality scares me. I’m not invincible anymore. I mean, I know that physically, I never was, but mentally and emotionally, I’m realizing that I’m not.

I can’t bear to say, “I wish I had <action> with <person> when we were at <date/time/place>…”

I’m realizing that rather than wishing I had done something, I should be saying that I’m glad that I had done something…

I should ride this roller coaster of life with my hands in the air, not with my hands on the handles.

So, to contradict my first statement in this post, no, don’t hold on tight. Let go! I already know that it’s going to be a bumpy ride, but that shouldn’t hold me back.

Just. Enjoy. It.


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