52 – presents

Today is Christmas.

Christmas isn’t all about presents. I don’t need presents anymore. The best thing I could ever receive can’t be bought or have monetary value. It’s also the only thing I want nowadays.

Time with my family.

Even though there are 24 hours in a day, so little of it is actually spent together. I envy people who do things together as a family. I can understand why people buy family passes to Disneyland or buy dirtbikes or RV’s or go to baseball games. I can laugh and scoff at those things because they don’t really interest me, but I can’t laugh at the time spent together. I respect that those families sitting together and watching the most boring sport ever invented (baseball) are actually sitting together. I respect that the people giving in to the rabid consumerism of the Walt Disney Company are actually smiling together. I respect that the people on dirtbikes and polluting the pristine wild desert environments are actually riding together.

It’s a reason to be together.

I hope my kids grow up and value each other’s company. I hope that when they are adults, they stay in touch and visit each other and send emails back and forth. I hope they learn that their parents loved them very much and that they show that same love for each other.

This is my last post for 2011. My next post will be in 2012.

Project52 has been my photographic and emotional catharsis. It was a great experience. I don’t know who reads my ramblings out there on the Internet. I don’t know what value my pictures or my thoughts have to the outside world and frankly, I don’t care. What matters is that for me, I’m able to follow through and take pictures throughout the year, find one picture that I find interesting, and write something about it. Let’s do it again next year.


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