50 – quiet

There’s a park close to my office that I’ll visit every now and then when I need to clear my head and get away. I’ve only taken one other coworker there, so it’s nice to know that I have my own special island of solitude in the middle of Fullerton.

There’s not much to see at the park, or at least, the corner that I visit. There are some neat trees, a few park benches, and lots of green grass. When I go, I’ll bring a lunch there and sit and eat in peace. Sometimes I hear birds singing. Sometimes I’ll see some other people (who keep to themselves – they must want alone time too). Most of the time, it’s me all by my lonesome self for a good thirty minutes.

I appreciate solitude so much more now that I have a growing family and increasing work responsibilities. I can see why great leaders and people of influence and Richard Gere  insist on daily meditation.

I typically get alone time once a week when I go on my long run, but it’s different. When I run, I’m still worried about my pace and where I’m going and making sure I don’t get lost. I got a little lost during my run tonight (run from home to UCI, did three laps around UCI, then ran back) but it wasn’t getting lost I was worried about – I was worried about running in the dark.

I’m very afraid of four, maybe six, things: blood, the  dark, clowns, and rodents. I’m also afraid of twin little girls in hotel hallways, but chances of me running into twin little girls in hotel hallways is slim to none.

I seriously would have sharted in my running shorts tonight if I had seen a bloody clown with chinchillas in his hands pushing a stroller with twin little girls.

Running trails aren’t lit. Needless to say, I was quite puckered up and ran pretty quickly back home…which probably explains why my feet hurt right now.


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