49 – light (again)

So, I’m a bit of a hypocrite. Last week, I ended up selling my E-1 to someone who wanted it way more than I did. I’m glad it’s in good hands. As much as I really liked the camera, using it again reminded me why I didn’t need it – I don’t need a pro body and I don’t need weatherproofing and most of all, I don’t need the weight that it entails.

Similarly, that’s why I drive a Honda Civic now. I used to drive sporty cars that I’d occasionally take to a flat parking lot with cones and make a futile attempt at beating a set time. But, in all honesty, for the handful of times I truly utilized the car for what it was capable of, I had to live with all of the inconveniences – harsh suspension, horrible fuel economy, and constant paranoia.

Anyway, I replaced the E-1 with an E-520, which is quite ironic actually. When I had my first E-1, I also replaced that with an E-520. The good thing though is that the E-520 I have now appears to focus properly with no front focus issues…

I saw the light. I like the idea of an SLR, so I have one for when I need it but I have one that is appropriate for my needs. An E-3 would have been nice, but it would be akin to driving an SUV to commute from home to work over flat paved roads.

In any case, I’m primarily shooting with the GRD3 now.

That little camera is a LOT of fun to shoot with. For a small-sensor, it’s able to capture a lot of fine detail and the jpegs readily convert to  B&W, like the picture above. I don’t feel a need to shoot RAW with the GRD3 – the jpegs are just fine. I also discovered that the manual white balance adjustment along an XY axis (Blue and Red on the X-axis and Green and Magenta on the Y-axis) is the best feature – better than snap focus. I can confidently shoot with jpeg for those situations where AWB won’t work so well.

I actually seek out high-contrast scenes where light patterns may prove to be interesting after post processing.

In any case, this was one of the last shots I took with the E-1 before it was shipped off and received by its new owner in New York State:

ah…Olympus Blue.

EDIT: looks like post 26 was already a post that included a B&W picture of a lamp. I guess I like taking B&W pictures of lamps…


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