48 – postprocessing

So I got my Ricoh GRDIII and E-1 last week. I find both cameras fill their respective duty sufficiently, though I’m still left wanting a bit. More on that.

The GRDIII is awesome. I wish I could bring it *everywhere*. The 28mm fixed focal length is actually quite useful and an f/1.9 lens that’s sharp and clear wide open. The only downside is that the embedded high contrast B&W isn’t as nice as the Olympus Grainy B&W art filter. I find that I’m still post-processing the files with Nik Silver Efex to get the look I want. No big deal though. I’m finding the AF tracking is a very useful feature in addition to white balance adjustment along an X-Y axis. Very neat. No need to shoot in RAW – assuming I get white balance right every time.

The Olympus E-1, well, that’s another story. I’ve gotten quite accustomed to the sharp and contrasty output of the E-620 that I sold that I’m no longer used to the noise-free ‘creamy’ output of the E-1 at ISO 100. I literally have to add noise to get more definition. Again, not a big deal – merely an indication of my tastes at the moment.

The E-1 definitely has better color reproduction as well as color definition and a super quiet mirror-slap. The picture above was taken at ISO 100 and I just added noise. Seriously, who adds noise? Me.

Speaking of postprocessing though – I’m discovering that the amount of postprocessing I do doesn’t need RAW files. Assuming I get exposure within +/- 1EV and white balance mostly correct, I can just shoot in jpeg and save the disk space and processing time. I postprocess not by refining pictures, but completely modifying using destructive filters. Nik Color Efex is great software. I might end up using LR3 less frequently…


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