44 – flower macro

I love a good flower macro. I don’t even know the names of the flowers I’m taking pictures of and it’s probably not good for me to be so close to pollen, but flowers are just such interesting subjects.

There’s something very sexual with a flower. It’s sole purpose is to reproduce. Some flowers get it on ALL the time (perennials) and some are seasonal or are only in the mood when the weather is nice. Being in Southern California, we’re lucky to get flowers year-round.

I was never interested in flowers until I got a macro lens and Shannon grows flowers in the backyard; her hobby and mine make a good match. The combination of a 1:1 macro lens, an LED ring light, and wireless flash makes taking flower macros effortless. I used to use a tripod and some sort of stability for 1:1 macros, but my camera body has sensor-shift image stabilization, so all of my lenses are stabilized. It’s a very useful feature.

Typically, image stabilization is only useful at longer focal lengths, but macro is also technically a long focal length – basically at high magnification, the closer you get to a subject, the more stabilization you need. Since my 35mm lens can go 1:1, at such a short focal length, I need to be right on top of my subject…I’ve gotten my lens wet several times from dew after taking pictures of raindrops.

I printed one of my flower macros on metallic paper and framed it. It’s 8″x12″ and sits above our dining table at home. If you’ve never printed on metallic paper before, it does wonders for details and textures.


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