38 – running

When I ETS’ed (End of Time in Service) from the Army over ten years ago, I swore I’d never run again.

Anyway, I’ve been running fairly consistently over the past…umm…two years now. My distance and pace have improved tremendously, thanks to Karno. However, no thanks to him, I’ve endured leg and foot pain like crazy and I have to wear orthotics now – probably for the rest of my life.

I do have to thank Karno for allowing me to find joy in running. It’s my escape and though meaningless, I can set small goals for myself for every run. Best of all, I experience a euphoria – yep, runner’s high – when I’m at my breaking point but decide to push through. It’s like I have to hit the wall first, then I just rappel down it.

Today’s goal was to go from my house to the Newport Back Bay – effectively uncharted territory since my usual 10-mile loop circles through Westpark, Woodbridge, Quail Hill, and Turtle Rock in Irvine. Unfortunately, Rick Astley (my Garmin Forerunner that keeps track of my distance and pace), decided to give up on me and let me down because the batteries died right after I stretched. I haven’t run without some instrumentation to keep track of my movement in a long time, so it was kind of refreshing to not have to keep looking at my pace or distance covered.

I just ran until I felt it was time to turn around – so, from my house, I ran nonstop to the Back Bay boardwalk/bridge and back. I know I was basically crawling for the last 2.5 miles, but it turns out I did run almost 10 miles!

So, it turns out that all of the “beautiful people” run on Sunday mornings. I swear I saw a few women with makeup while running. BUT, maybe it was just because I ran to Newport Beach?

Anyway, to quote Karno: my sport is your sport’s punishment. 

Too true.


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