32 – not-so-smartphone

I’ve been studying for the GRE for the past two weeks and I found a great application that would allow me to study my GRE vocabulary on-the-go, but it was only for Windows Mobile. Luckily, I found a Palm Treo Pro for Sprint and it didn’t require changes to my plan (no $10/mo. ‘smartphone’ fee and no data plan required). I’ve been using it over the past few days and have come to the following conclusions:

– The Windows Mobile interface is a bit busy. I’m considering installing a hacked ROM to clean things up and to get MMS/Picturemail working. I’ve removed as much bloatware as I  can, but the user interface almost requires both the touchscreen and keyboard to navigate.

– The lack of Picturemail support is nearly a dealbreaker. I love Shannon’s frequent pictures of her outings with the kids and I love that it doesn’t require a data plan…

– Syncing with Google Calendar and Contacts is a breeze. What a great way to have my calendar on-hand all the time. Even better – I can sync via wifi.

– Wifi is nice to have, but browsing the web from a 320×320 screen is painful. Opera makes things a bit easier,  but still, the mobile-optimized web isn’t exactly great.

– I still can’t justify a data plan. It would be nice to use Google Maps whenever I want, but I already have a portable GPS. I don’t think the 320×320 screen is conducive to productive web browsing.

I’m actually glad I don’t have the ability to install ‘apps’ (really, web shortcuts). I can install native Windows Mobile applications, but I can’t really see a need for things beyond basics (picture viewer, video, music players, office, etc).


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