30 – abstract

Abstract subjects are hard to justify because they’re only meaningful to me and not to anyone else. The picture above has artistic merit to me, but to others, it might just be a badly-cropped picture of a slide with a weird color effect. I find that I tend to be more aware of shapes and patterns when I’m actively searching for something to shoot. There are professional photographers whose entire photographic body of work consists of abstract patterns and shapes – I wonder how they get any business? Do they have wine-and-cheese exhibitions in their studios where nouveau-riche people stand and discuss his/her works?

I cringe at the thought that if I were a professional photographer, I’d have to kiss the ass of my customers. Your work is only as good as your clientele…

Anyway, I was out with the kids yesterday and even though I took some good shots of the kids, I think I really like abstract subjects too. Even my picture of the kids this week was fairly abstract, especially since last week’s picture was quite journalistic in execution.


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