26 – light

I’ve been quite enamored with the ‘grainy film’ art filter recently – to the point where I leave it in the art filter mode and just get the SOOC jpeg. I don’t know, I like the mood that the filter conveys. I especially like how the grain and the light add texture and depth to an otherwise stale image. Sure it’s less work on my part because I don’t have to do any processing, but so what? More time for taking pictures…

In the picture above, the filter effectively captures the way the lamplight strikes each surface and how the different angles affect the resulting light.

I like it. It can make a static scene interesting.

The filter is not so easy when capturing the kids – they move too fast for me. I can’t gauge the mood of a scene with the kids and frame it and picture it in black and white. Black and white with the kids is best left for post-processing. BUT, when when random chance strikes, the effect is quite nice.

Maybe one of the reasons I like the ‘grainy film’ art filter is because it brings back memories of my eighth grade photography class. I learned the exposure triangle, composition, film development, making prints…all using ISO 400 black and white film using a Canon T70 with a single zoom lens. All I needed was vision then, not gear.

Ironically, nowadays, I have lots of gear, but for some reason, I’m lacking vision.


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