24 – narcissism

I haven’t had a lot of time to go and take pictures and it seems as if my kids don’t want their pictures taken anymore…and there’s only so much of the dinner table that I can take pictures of…so when there’s nothing else to take pictures of, I’ll take a picture of myself.

I don’t think it’s vanity – I don’t want any attention. I think it’s a challenge.

It’s actually quite difficult to take a self-portrait that doesn’t scream ‘vanity’, because seriously, I don’t want to see my ugly mug and I’m pretty sure other people don’t either. But a self-portrait always implies that you want to show off…or you like looking at yourself.

I like neither. It makes my life easier to not have to worry about making myself up or putting my face on or caring about what people  think about what I look like or what I wear.

So…I took a picture of my eye. I think the reflection of my glasses and my camera off of my eye is pretty neat. I think the way I took the picture, it reveals what’s on my mind…

Actually, this thought just came to mind (no pun intended) – I hide behind my glasses. I think I insist on wearing glasses because they’re like a safety net for me. It’s the last layer between me and the person in front of me. Maybe it’s also why I feel so vulnerable whenever I take them off?

Whatever. Maybe I only feel vulnerable because I don’t like to see in fuzzy abstract shapes.

In any case, this week’s post is updated early because this weekend is going to be packed…and because I’ll be too busy on Sunday night preparing for another trip to, of all places, Maryland.


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