22 – half full

The glass is half full…of gear!

In my last post, I mentioned gear overload so, I did end up selling what I didn’t need. So, I sold the ZD 9-18/4-5.6, the ZD 40-150/4-5.6, the battery grip, and a macro bracket and ballhead. I made a pretty good profit and for a few days, I thought I would just leave it at that.

But, it turns out that I wasn’t the only person clearing out – a lot of people are clearing out of Olympus 4/3 to switch to another brand…and they were selling gear at fire sale prices!!!

So, I ended up getting the Sigma 18-50/2.8 and the ZD 50/2.0 macro (the lens I’ve always wanted but couldn’t find at a good price). So, whatever profit I made went to new gear. I had some leftover, so I also bought a sling strap (not a blackrapid, but an Optech since I like the Optech neoprene stuff), mostly because I’m finding a fixed neck strap too confining.

So, end result – I broke even and I still have the same number of lenses in my bag…but at least they’re lenses I’m going to use. I’ve always wanted a constant-aperture zoom and the Sigma 18-50/2.8 is the only one I could afford. It doesn’t cover the wide end – in fact, I totally lose the FOV that the 9-18 covered – but it covers my most used FOV’s. I’ve read very good reviews about the Sigma 18-50/2.8, so I’m excited.

The ZD 50/2.0 is the ZD lens lineup’s pride and joy – basically, the one lens that *defines* the Olympus 4/3 format. A lot of third-party reviewers state that it is the best optically-performing lens ever tested.

I should start receiving my new stuff next week. So much for Shannon’s Kindle…



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