20 – truck-crane

The title for this week’s post doesn’t make much sense until you see both pictures, which does violate the “one-picture-a-week” rule, but since I already violated it last week, whatevers…

Basically, I was sitting with Matty and Sara after I printed out some pictures for them and they were cutting them out and coloring them. I thought a picture of Matty’s hands while he was writing made a pretty good picture, hence, the picture above. After Matty had finished writing…he showed it to me:

It says “truck-crane jpg”

It’s the title of the picture that I printed out for him. He asked me what ‘jpg’ was since he didn’t understand it. I’m seriously amazed at Matty’s reading ability and comprehension. At six years old, he’s reading EVERYTHING. He’ll even read things I don’t notice are there.

I have to be careful of what he reads over my shoulder (i.e., email, facebook updates, shows recorded on the DVR…) since he’ll ask questions whenever he sees a word he doesn’t recognize.


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