18 & 19 – missed a week!

I spent the past week in the middle of the desert again. Long hours and heat don’t really help with keeping up with the Project52. Not only that, the desert just didn’t present a lot of good photographic opportunities.

The picture above was taken during Week 18 – it’s a picture of my office. I basically sat in the third row of the Yukon and had the second row folded down as a makeshift desk for my computers and radio. This was where I spent 12 hours a day. When I did drive around, I moved the computer up front so I could watch it while I drove. I learned a few things about SUV’s during this past trip:

1. They are not meant to go off road.

2. They really don’t have a lot of room.

3. If you have huge antennas sticking out of your vehicle, random people will stop you and ask questions.

Regarding point number 3, I was in a van pulled over on Route 66 and a girl just pulled over and knocked on the door and asked what I was doing. That girl had solid brass balls. There’s NO WAY that I would be curious enough to pull over and knock on the door of a suspicious looking vehicle. Anyway…

The picture above was taken last week – it’s a very curious lizard. I was parked in the middle of the desert and I walked around to stretch…and I saw this little guy crawling around my SUV. I moved slowly and grabbed my camera and he was still there – and he didn’t flinch when I got closer. I managed the picture above by using my telephoto lens and with LiveView – basically, I set the camera as close to the ground as possible and focused on him. Once again, LiveView saved the day.

I think the little guy was curious. I had my UWA and macro  lens with me, but one was too wide and one required that I be way too close – so, I used the telephoto.

There wasn’t as much ‘life’ out and about in the desert when the temperatures started crawling north of 100 degrees. I saw the lizard and a spider, but that’s about it. I did see tracks and random signs of movement on the ground, so that led me to believe that whatever was alive was out at night. Otherwise, the most interesting thing I saw on the ground wasn’t supposed to be there (it’s an old can of something…but whatever it was, it was there in the same place for a long time).


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