16 – patience

It’s *very* difficult trying to capture a good moment with my kids when the setting is a very crowded children’s museum. It’s easy enough to get them in action, but it’s rare to get a glimpse of their individual personalities in a candid fashion.

The picture above shows Matty in one of his typical “Mattyisms” – in this case, Matty is waiting until the right moment when what he wants is available and no kids can bother him. He’ll sit or stand patiently and wait until the perfect opportunity comes, well, at least, he used to. Since he’s been in Kindergarten, this behavior is harder to capture since he’s becoming a social butterfly and the teacher’s pet.

In any case, to get the picture, I had to stand further back and away from him so he could behave naturally. I also had to crouch down so the picture was framed on his level. While he stood and waited while he watched his cousin sweep ‘sand’ off of ‘fossils’, he put his arms behind his back and held them there…and at that moment, I snapped off a few frames, many of which had people in the way. This one was the keeper.

It was a fleeting moment and I’m glad I got it. Patience paid off.

Needless to say, Sara has some mannerisms too (she’s the polar opposite of Matty), but when they’re together, sometimes, the resemblance is uncanny.


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