15 – desert

I spent the past week in Amboy, CA for work. Amboy is right next to Twentynine Palms and Joshua Tree National Park, both of which are quite familiar with most people. Amboy is also known for two things – a gas station and a crater – neither of which are really all that interesting. The best thing there is to do in Amboy is to get out of there.

From a long distance view, the desert appears mostly colorless and lifeless with nothing but rock, sand, and chaparral. I thought a black and white picture was quite fitting. I tried to exaggerate the textures and desolation of the view from the rocky desert mountaintop where I spent a lot of my time.

But, when you stopped to look at the details, the desert is actually filled with life. There were a lot of flowers, insects, and lizards. The sky was pristine. The landscape was rugged.

I loved the road signs the best – they were a neat little burst of contrasting color on long winding roads.

I’m supposedly going back to Amboy in a couple of weeks to finish testing. I’m bringing my macro lens this time…


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