13 – raindrops

I love a good rainstorm. We’ve been barraged with quite a bit of rain lately, so I thought I’d take advantage of the results of the rain by taking pictures of raindrops.

I like taking pictures of raindrops because when properly executed, the droplets become little mirrors and reflect their surroundings. There are lots of examples online of focus-stacked images of raindrops which result in amazingly deep depth of field. Focus stacking is pretty time consuming though and requires very fine control of manual focus to be able to get every single plane of focus which will end up in the final image.

I tend to just focus on a single drop and if I’m lucky, maybe get a few more in focus too.

I shoot in RAW + jpeg and the above picture was processed in LR from RAW. However, I took a look at the SOOC JPEG and it’s pretty damn good. I added some shadow detail and USM to compensate for the flattening effect of the ringlight, but honestly, I think the SOOC JPEG is sharper. It’s neutral, but still punchy.

I also attempted this in grainy B&W, but the effect just isn’t the same.

Almost four months into this Project52 and I can’t believe I haven’t done a self-portrait or a B&W yet. Or both at the same time. Well, there’s still plenty of time left…


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