12 – ringlight

12 - ringlight

Surfing photography blogs during the week led me to an awesome deal on a 48-LED ringlight. I had been meaning to get one of these for the longest time but I never wanted to pay upwards of $500 for such a specialized light, but thanks to Kirk Tuck, I ended up with one for a little over $40.

It will see very specialized macro use, and since I like macro a lot, I figured it was worth a shot. So far, I like it. It does flatten pictures a bit, but shadows can be re-emphasized in LR. I really like the extra illumination…I did a pretty simple test on an overcast morning and I got about four extra stops with the light on. That’s a tremendous amount of light which I took advantage of by stopping down four stops for extra DoF.

In the picture above, I could have stopped down a lot more, but I was using LiveView to get *under* the flowers and I was pretty shaky. Even with the two stops that IS provides, I didn’t want any added photographer-induced shakiness. I really should start using my tripod…


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