11 – caffeine dependency

11 - caffeine dependency

I hate Starbucks, but I love their mugs and occasionally, their salted caramel hot chocolate. Regardless, I am hopelessly dependent on my morning coffee. I’m seriously not awake until I’ve had my coffee. I went up north to visit Wayne and Jay and I’m amazed that those guys don’t drink coffee in the mornings. We had to make a trip to get coffee before playing golf since they didn’t have coffee in their house! Well, that was before they had kids…

I find that I tend to drink more coffee on Saturday mornings than I do during the week. I’m blaming the kids. I managed to frame the picture above with the kids on either side of my coffee – I thought it was quite appropriate. The picture was cropped to 16×9 and the Olympus “pinhole art filter” was applied.

I had originally used the “grainy film art filter” on the cropped picture to convey the morning grittiness before caffeine intake, but the color version seemed a little better.


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