10 – composition

10 - composition

When I walk around with my UWA lens, I try to compose a picture so a foreground subject is prominent but at the same time, there’s plenty of subject context in the background. It’s a difficult undertaking since perspective distortion is very easy to achieve, which sometimes defeats the purpose of an UWA lens!

In this picture (taken in Corona Del Mar), the sign above the bridge is prominent, but at the same time, you can see the bridge and people crossing it. What’s not apparent though is the road that the bridge spans over and all the beautiful houses behind me. I should have taken the picture from the other side and below the bridge, but unfortunately, my batteries died.

I probably could have stood on the post in front of the sign, which would have given me the “up and down” view of the bridge, but I was a chicken because I didn’t want to look like a dummy in front of all the people who were crossing the bridge. Had I known my batteries were going to die, I would have done it. I guess as a subject photographer, I need to get braver and not care so much what people think while I’m taking pictures – just because it’s mundane and pedestrian to most, to me, it may not be.


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