08 – waves

08- waves

I’m finding that the UWA 9-18 makes a pretty good walkaround lens *if* I don’t have the kids with me. When it’s just me and my camera, I tend to take wide pictures and grab as much of a subject as I can – it’s all about scenery and composing a shot around the essence of a location. It used to be about finding a subject and getting as much detail as I could (a la 35 macro lens), but an UWA lens really does open up the perspective. It’s nice to take wide shots without having to stitch several shots together.

However, when I’m with the kids, pictures are about them and their interactions, which a good standard zoom (ZD 14-54) is the perfect lens for. Shannon keeps that lens glued onto the E-410 for a nice small combo.

I don’t get along with a standard zoom lens. The FOV is too normal for me – I like having a view of the extremes.


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