06 – macro

06 - macro

Macrophotography lets me take pictures of bland, uninteresting things and turn them into something that I would actually want to look at.

My first lens upgrade was the Zuiko Digital 35/3.5 macro lens, and it’s still my favorite lens. It’s super sharp and fun to shoot with because it does 1:1 magnification. Amazingly, it also works great as a portrait lens and walkaround lens.

With macro, lighting is key mostly because I want maximum depth of field when at high magnification, which means I’m going to stop down my lens as much as I can. If I’m doing 1:1, the front of my lens is about an inch away from my subject, so getting light on the subject is necessary to allow for enhancement of detail and typically, if using a single flash, I’d light from an offset angle to allow for shadows to emphasize depth. Now that I have wireless flash, I can provide light from an offset angle behind the subject, which allows for more creative subject detail definition.

But sometimes, I get lucky and the sun provides ample lighting.


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