05 – Circle

Shannon’s 2000 Nissan Maxima was no longer economical to own as it had at least a couple thousand dollars of maintenance just for the A/C – and other reports I read indicated that soon after 100k miles, everything else fails. I have ZERO heat tolerance and after really thinking about it, I decided (with Shannon’s approval) to just go ahead and get another car. We’d been averaging about $3k in maintenance a year and it was growing.

So, I’m now driving a 2009 Honda Civic sedan. When I got it, it had 9970 miles on the odometer. It’s decent and basic transportation and from what I’m estimating (I’m still on my first tank), I’m getting way more than 20 MPG – which is what the Nissan got – on Premium!!!

The car is a Certified Pre-Owned, so it came with an excellent warranty and they offered me a really good deal on the Honda Care extended warranty (7yrs, 100k miles comprehensive), so I jumped on that too.

So, I’m hoping that the car lasts long enough so Matty and Sara can drive it.


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