04 – wider perspective

I was about three feet away from Matty when I took this picture, yet, I got all of him in it, and then some.

I never thought I’d be a wide-angle perspective kind of guy, but I am. My UWA lens lets me get real close to a subject, but at the same time, I can still get everything in the background. The trick to UWA photography is perspective distortion – it’s going to be there to an extent and it can either go against the picture or with it.

I’m still trying to get the hang of it. Of all of the different photographic activities I have undertaken, UWA is the hardest. There’s so much creative potential with it, yet, I can’t seem to grasp it. With macro, it was easy because it was really all about lighting. Portaits? bokeh and proper focal length. Landscapes/scenery? aperture. Action? shutter speed.

With UWA, shutter speed doesn’t make any difference and with my lens, neither does aperture. It’s all about where the ‘primary’ subject is, what angle I wish to capture the subject, and how close I wish to be relative to the subject. The closer I get to the subject, the more distorted the background is, but the farther I get from the subject, the subject stops being the focal point.

Sometimes, distortion is good and sometimes it’s bad. Sometimes, it’s subjective.


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