03 – Against the Sun

Against the Sun

I’m starting to actually pay attention to metering and proper exposure – to the point where I’m on spot metering about half the time. Why? Mostly because I like the effect that is achieved when a foreground subject is illuminated by a strong backlight. In the picture above, I’m positioned about a foot away from the leaf, looking up and the sun is directly behind the leaf. I spot-metered on the leaf and overexposed about +0.7 EV. I then post-processed in LR by dragging the histogram to the left to achieve proper exposure and increased my shadow values to better accentuate the details of the leaf.

Also, based on my relative distance to the subject, I was able to achieve some nice-looking background blur (bokeh) which better emphasizes the leaf.

So, the ETTR (expose-to-the-right) trick actually works. I didn’t lose any shadow detail!


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