01 – Kids

So for 2011, I’ve decided to participate in Project 52 – basically, 52 pictures (one per week) that showcase my photographic growth and development. I’m going to take it a step further and attach a story to each picture – basically, introspective thoughts which are somewhat related to the picture.

Will I keep it up? I’ll try my best. So, here is my first entry.



I miss being a kid. I’m 34 years old and sometimes, I wonder where my childhood went. As I watch my own kids just being themselves, I often wonder if there were moments in my childhood that I should have cherished more, but obviously, I was too caught up in the moment to pay attention to remembering the moment. Maybe that’s what separates kids from adults – kids do what they do. They just do. Adults – they do what they do, but most of the time, they understand the impact of consequence relative to action. If I do anything, before I do it, usually, I perform a cost-benefit analysis and I picture an N-squared chart (yeah, I’m a freaking dork, and so are you if you know what an N-squared chart is) so I can see the required inputs and resulting outputs of my actions.

As I start this Project 52, I’m also at odds. Should I put the camera down and be in the moment or should I take the picture so I can capture the moment? Hmm…


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